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Mare Position

The mare position is an ideal choice if you're looking for more control over depth, rhythm and speed of penetration. The penetrating partner lies on their back, while the receiver kneels over them and locks the penetrating partner's hands around their neck. Facing the penetrating partner's feet, the receiver holds their partner's butt with both hands lifts them up and slides down onto them. The receiver’s knees are placed outside of their partners', as they sit down and grip their partner's butt tightly. The penetrating partner can then use their hands to massage your neck or hold your head for extra deep penetration. This position also offers the janukurpara position where the receiver sits astride and leans back onto her arms for even deeper penetration. It is important to support your partner’s body and make sure that their back is flat for maximum comfort. This position can also be modified to be used when the receiver is pregnant, where the penetrator places their knees on either side of the receiver’s buttocks and holds them up as they penetrate.

Spooning Position

This antique position is perfect for facing partners and allows them to look into each other’s eyes while making love. To get into this position, the receiver lies on one side while the penetrator lies behind them and places their legs over theirs. They then place their knees between the receiver’s legs and lift them up so that they are close together in a spooning shape. The penetrator can then support their partner by placing their hands under their lower back or holding onto their legs as they penetrate.

This will allow them to thrust deeper and reach their partner’s erogenous zones. For receiving partners, the Kamasutra positions give the opportunity to have their hips raised while they are being penetrated, which can increase stimulation. The ‘spoons’ position is a great way for both partners to relax and maintain their connection. It can also be helpful if one partner wants to stimulate the other’s breasts during sex, as it allows them to do this easily.